How to elevate your day…

I was telling a friend (who trains service dogs) about how I think we should talk to people in elevators instead of ignoring them. He thought I was nuts.

The next day, I got a message from him:

Hey Deidre. So I was at the mall today with some dogs. I got on the elevator and a woman got on with me. She seemed upset. I was thinking about you so I turned to her, smiled and said hi. She told me that her dog had died yesterday. She asked if she could pet the dogs. I said yes and when she was done, she gave me a hug too. I would have never done that had we not talked about elevators. Just thought you should know that you made an indirect impact on someone’s life. It gave me a warm fuzzy too; that smile I had when she hugged me felt really good.

The point?

Whether it’s in an elevator, in the supermarket line or through your web copy, it’s all a chance to connect. Take the chance. Say the thing you want to say.

Going up? I’m here for you,

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