5 tips for great buns

I fly a lot (hence my previous rant about dealing with Alex). Recently, I became obsessed with flight attendants’ buns (the kinds on their heads). They were full and luxurious. What was their secret? I had to know.

I researched, and discovered. It’s called a hair donut. It’s a piece of loofah-like plastic, shaped like a donut. You put it on your ponytail, and wrap your hair around it—to mimic a full, voluminous bun.

I bought one of these hair donuts. And I simply can’t bring myself to use it. Now that I know it’s fake—the whole allure is ruined for me.

The point?

Without the real to back up the first-impression appeal, your web content will be just as fake as the hair donut. Eventually, the hair donut will fall out—and everyone will know the truth. They’ll know: Your impressive content is nothing more than a 99-cent-store filler.

Real is better—always. Here are 5 tips to make sure your website content is as real on the inside—as it is impressive on the outside:

  1. Give easy, ready contact information. Make yourself accessible, and invite readers to get in touch—with phone numbers and email addresses—instead of just mysterious forms.
  2. Let them know exactly how it works. There is no room for facades or confusion. Be clear about your process. What is the next step they should take—and how does it work? Discuss how they can get started with you, and offer a no-obligation chat.
  3. Have an “about” page that’s really about you. Refuse the generic “about” page. Putyou on the page. Include your principles, your approach, and your story. And don’t be afraid to include a little personal too. People want to know you’re human.
  4. Be free with information. Don’t be afraid to give away the cow. When people find a good milk supplier, they stick with it.
  5. Have punchy headlines, but back them up with information. I could kiss a good headline. But to delve deeper, your readers need information to back it up. I’m all for concise—but descriptively concise is optimal.

Want glamorous, au-naturel content? I’ll be your word-stylist.

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