Hi, I’m Deidre. If you can talk—I can write.

deidre-rienzo1If you’re a business owner who loves to talk about your business—but needs help writing about it—I can help. If the written words don’t flow so easily, I’ll get inside your head, understand your audience, and bring your unique voice and message out—clearly, elegantly, and engagingly.

Together, we will create website copy, newsletter copy and marketing materials that feel so authentic—you’ll think you’ve written them yourself. What’s even better? We’ll make sure they’re full of personality, comfortable, informative and inviting to your audience—creating the ultimate written connection.

Not really a talker? Don’t worry—I’ll massage it out of you. I promise to guide you, painlessly, through the process. Ready for a free 30-minute consultation? Sign up here.

Designers: Need copy to support your design? As a copywriting partner to designers, I help ensure your clients’ copy is—as effective and powerful—as your design. Let’s chat about how we can work together.

My approach: First talk, then write.

I’m always amazed at how many clients tell me, “My last copywriter didn’t want to talk to me. They just wanted to correspond via email, and then write my content.”

If this is the kind of copywriter you want—I’m not her.

I love writing. I adore the possibilities of words. But I’m realistic too. Words—are just words—without something to back them up. Words need: a message, a story, a personality. They need flesh and blood. For words to go beyond black and white—to be truly authentic—they need to start with passion.

To do my job the best way I can, I want to hear your passion. I want to ask you questions, and learn about your audience—what drives them, and what their needs are. I need to understand your story—so I can enliven it on your website, newsletter, or brochure.

I like to take a collaborative approach and make sure your words feel true to you, and to your business. And it all starts with a conversation…

Let’s make your story come off the page. Ready to reach out and grab your audience (politely, of course)? Let’s chat.

Did I mention my marketing background?

After nearly 10 years as a corporate marketing director, I started Connect with Copy in 2007 armed with a little secret: Marketing is simply thinking about your audience. It’s getting inside their heads, trying on their shoes, and walking around for a while. It’s showing them why you have what they need—in a way that feels comfortable, engaging, and maybe even exciting. If you need marketing-smart copy—I’d love to help.