Always in style.

Unlike the Herman Munster shoes I adored during college (remember these?!), some things always work.

Like my friend’s beautiful 1900s farmhouse with its wide plank floors, huge windows, thick wood moldings and bucolic view.It’s comforting that in a world of fast fashion and disposable products, some things truly don’t go out of style. At least not in my book.

The point?
Even though your website is a newer-build — its copy can shine with fixtures that are timeless.
-Engaging language
-Keeping it real

The best news? Clicking endlessly on Wayfair and Houzz is not necessary — and you won’t even have to go to Lowe’s. You’ve already got everything you need!

The point?

I can help dust-off and discover the barn full of goodies that have been hiding in plain sight the whole time.

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