An oldie but (very goodie)…

You might say, “But Frankie Valli is 84 years old. There’s no way he could be good in concert.”

Well you’d be just-plain-wrong.

I went to see Frankie Valli with my parents in Atlantic City. The audience was dancing and singing. His backup singers were alight with energy. The people-watching was beyond all expectation (I have never seen so many women in leopard print or fringe). The whole atmosphere was warm and fuzzy and joyous. I’m telling you—you could feel it!

Undeniably, Frankie Valli has a confident command of the stage and a voice like no other.

The point? 
The poise that comes with experience…
The authentic, unique voice that nobody else has…
The work ethic and unwavering commitment to delivering for your audience…

That stuff is ageless. It’s what we pay for. Because it’s so, so, so special.

Trends, new competitors, new technology and new needs come and go. But HOW you show up to them—with your voice, your confidence, your commitment—those things sell tickets and make people dance.

If you bring you to everything you do—you don’t really have any competition.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,

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