Are authenticity + good health connected?

Can authenticity improve your health?

I’m reading a book called Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin. Last night a bulb went off when I read this sentence: “Authenticity—in work and in life—can be medicine for the body.” It makes sense, right? Being authentic is less stressful than pretending. And we all know: stress stinks.

Is authenticity a recipe for health? It’s certainly worked for me. In 2007, I stopped climbing the corporate ladder and followed my passion, writing, to self-employment. Health wise, my anxiety is much lower—and I know that’s resulted in many measurable health benefits.
Speaking of good health…
Strategic Design Studio invigorates health and wellness organizations, and I recently collaborated with them to develop the copy for their new website. Check it out.

Need help bringing your personality across in an authentically-you website? Give me a shout.

And if you’re going to CFC/HOW Design Live this weekend, let me know. I’d love to meet up!

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