Blogs & newsletters: I’ll write them for you

Sick of being so quiet?
Speak up with blogs and newsletters.

A woman elbowed me yesterday. Shocked, she said, “I didn’t even know you were there … you were so quiet!” Is the same thing happening to our businesses? One of my favorite clients suggested I create packages for the harried business owner to make keeping in touch easier. So if you’re sick of being “so quiet,” I’m offering two packages to bring your blogs and newsletters to life:

  1. You write nothing.

    Bring your ideas—I’ll do the rest (shape ideas, ask questions, pull information out). To keep you on track: We talk on the same day of each month. Writing: I do it all for you, with your voice, your brand personality, and for your audience. Pricing: 1 per month ($300/month), 2 per month ($500/month) 

  2. You write a little.

    On the same day of each month, you send me a rough draft. I polish, edit, and make it ready for your audience. If you do not send your draft, I will “sweet talk” (email, call, gently harass) until you do. To keep you on track: We organize your ideas into an editorial calendar on our first call, and we agree to dates. (For example, one client sends me her draft on the 1st of every month, I send my edits by the 8th, she posts by the 15th…)
    Pricing: 1 per month ($200/month), 2 per month ($350/month) 

Need someone to help you generate ideas that will work for your business? Marketing Mentor, Ilise Benun, rocks! Start with a free session.

Ready to share your ideas with the world? Let’s chat.

Be heard; get elbowed less.

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