Can fake Jordan dunk?

What’s up, Mike?

My college roommate had a life size cardboard cut-out of Michael Jordan. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and think MJ was standing in my room—until, I said, “What’s up, Mike?” and got no response. Oh yeah, he’s fake. I’d been fooled for a split second.

Fake copy can fool clients too—but only for a split second. Without flesh and blood behind the words, it will quickly fall over. (Fake MJ had an unfortunate demise during a keg explosion.)

Get this…
A client told me his previous copywriter didn’t want to talk on the phone. The writer said, “No phone calls. Tell me what you want, via email, and I’ll write it.” He boasted 20-years of experience, awards, and impressive clients. But the content he provided was inauthentic and sleazy. (Who thinks using the term, “an orgy of flavor,” is a good idea?)

What’s better than dribbling? Talking.
When I work as a copywriting partner to designers, or directly with small businesses, I like to talk directly to the client. Hearing their passion and enthusiasm, picking their brains, and getting an eagle-eye view into their audience—helps me write authentic copy. The outcome: Happy design partner, happy client, and nothin’ but net.

Cardboard Jordan can’t dunk. Flimsy copy can’t either. If you need words with substance, let’s talk.

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