Can you smell that?

The air conditioning in my car was busted. It was 97 degrees and humid. But I had somewhere to be 90 minutes away, so I got an icy drink and went for it.

Boy, was it hot.

Once my body got used to the heat, I realized a few things about driving with the windows open.

  • You smell things. Food, farms, flowers, people doing laundry. Some aren’t very good smells, but some are great!
  • You feel things. Wind in your hair, dust in your eyes, sweat dripping down your temple.
  • You are closer to others. I said “Cute dog!” to somebody on the sidewalk. And heard the lady in front of me singing “Thunder Road” into her water bottle microphone. I also shared a camaraderie-infused thumbs-up with a fellow windows-open road warrior.

I arrived sweaty, and perhaps slightly dehydrated, but feeling very much alive. Invigorated even!

The point? 
We are lucky to live during the Age of Air Conditioning. When we can cruise around in cool, serene, noise-insulated comfort.

But sometimes we should put down our windows.

And let people see us.
And stick our arms out and wave.
And be sweaty and real.

Especially when it comes to the words on our websites.
Here’s to letting people in, and waving at pup-destrians.

Oh oh, come take my hand!

P.S. Yes, I absolutely got my air conditioning fixed!

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