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And I need you more than want you.

And I need you more than want you.

And I want you for all time.

Some consider these lyrics from Wichita Lineman to be the best musical couplet ever written.

I love this because it shows the power of words. It’s like you get one interpretation after reading the first line, and then the second line changes it, and makes it mean so much more.

The point?

Words are powerful. They can make people feel something. And when we can make our audience feel, we can truly connect. (And I think genuine connection is the best thing ever.)

You’ve probably heard the Glen Campbell version of Wichita Lineman. But if you love Paul Rudd, or want to love him, watch him sing this song on Howard Stern. I want to be as committed to my clients as Paul Rudd was to that last note. 🙂

I’m not a master lyricist like Jimmy Webb, but I can keep trying. Fortunately my clients do most of the hard work, just by being themselves.

I’ll write. You sing.

Worth $29 + tip? Hell yes.

The owner of my favorite nail salon had one dog: Dunkin’ Donut. 

During Covid, she decided to add to the family and get another dog. So she put her name on a waiting list (or two, or three). 

Then, possible pups started becoming available, and when she saw their sweet faces, she couldn’t say no. 

Now she has six — YES, SIX DOGS. And every time I get a pedicure, they are there, scurrying about, being freaking aaadorable

So today I got an amazing pedicure from the warm and masterful Suzy — and I got to snuggle Latte for 10 minutes while I was drying my toenails. I’m not trying to make you jealous, but yes, my day included a pedicure and puppies. Does it get any better?

I’m a customer for life. I will never stop going here. Even if my toes fall off, I will still go. 

The point? 

Do one thing great — you’re already ahead of most. Do another thing great? Hot damn, you’re ahead of 99.9% of service providers in the world. Your clients will cherish their experience with you and pretty much never leave. 

Oh yeah. Here’s the best part … I KNOW you already do more than one thing great. Own it. Lean into it. Be proud of yourself for the laughs you bring, the comfort you bring, or whatever your added-value is. I mean, we can’t be puppies, but we can strive. 

If you need help bringing all of your value across in your web copy, I’m here. Well, unless I’m at the nail salon.

Would daily pedicures be excessive? 😉

P.S. Yes, of course I took a picture!
Here's me and Latte.

Where am I? And wow.

I went for a jog on my usual trail at the park — only this time — I did it in reverse. My senses were heightened and every step felt unique and magical. Everything I saw was somewhat familiar, but also upliftingly new at the same time.

The point?

Gaining a new vantage point isn’t just for jogs. It can be for businesses, too.
Let me give you a fresh perspective, like I recently did for Hamptons Embodied Wellness, Vicky Sweet Hypnotherapy and Heather Collins, Birth Doula & Educator.

Who knew backwards could be the way forward?

Noodle arms at the aquarium.

Do you know when kids start to be independent, and they immediately run amok around the aquarium full of people (and stairs, and sharks) even though they haven’t yet mastered running — and despite your best persuasive efforts and expert-gleaned parenting tips, they won’t come with you — so you try to pick them up, but they don’t want you to, so they do noodle arms to avoid your grasp, go completely limp, and melt onto the floor, making your body have to work extra hard to pick up their 30lb-toddler-bods, again and again?

They said a trip to the aquarium would be fun. 🙃

The point?

Good web copy does the lifting for you.

I’ll make your trip to the Word Aquarium easy-peasy,

Lenny suggests Eggplant Parm.

Me? I would eat oatmeal every night for dinner.

But these kids? Well, I guess I shouldn’t make them quesadillas every night.

Hunting for inspiration, I collided with a man at the end of the supermarket aisle.

He said, “Go ahead.”

I said, “No, no, no, you go ahead.”

Then I blurted, “I’m deciding whether or not to get some eggplant.”

This began the nicest conversation with Lenny, who told me that I should make Eggplant Parmesan, pointed out some organic tomato sauce that was 50% off, and then told me all about how he makes meatballs. It was adorable. Lenny came alive when he was talking and it brightened my day, too.

The point?

Say the thing. Say the weird thing. Say the vulnerable thing. Start the conversation.

You might get a recipe.

You might make a stranger’s day — or your own.

P.S. If you want to turn your web copy confusion into Word Parmesan, let’s talk.

Yucky microwave Boca Burgers.

All these years, I’ve been cooking my Boca Burgers in the microwave.

On the package, this is not the “recommended” method. (Even the company knows they don’t taste great this way.)

But because I’m crunched for time, or tummy-grumbling hungry, I do it anyway. And it’s sufficient.

Well, this time I decided to follow the recommended cooking instructions. To my yum and surprise, it was at least 20 times better!

The point?

If your web copy is kind of bland, mushy, and weird-textured, try a different preparation method.

I’ll be your skillet,

Glad I wore my sneakers.

That’s me.

The one wandering around the parking lot looking for her car.

I could’ve sworn I parked over here!

I’ve solved this problem at the supermarket by always parking in the same place.

But new places? It’s a crap shoot. Let’s just say I do more “new car research” than I want to.

The point?

Finding stuff can be hard! Even things as big as vehicles. And especially things that are smaller, and that we’re much closer to…like our work.

Through a conversation with you, I can find the words to ensure your business is a bright, beautiful beacon for your ideal clients.

I can’t find my car, my favorite lip gloss, or that coffee shop I passed yesterday — but when it comes to finding your authentic best direction, I’m a Word Magellan.

The fruitcake mystery…

My mom has been talking about this freaking cake for years. See, she worked for a lovely woman named Sue, sometime around 1995, and for Christmas, Sue gave my mom a delicious, homemade cake.

Although my mom moved onto another job, she never forgot this cake. I think she was embarrassed to call Sue and ask for the recipe, especially after years had passed. Plus I feel like there’s a strange, generational Italian code that says: It’s rude to ask another cook for their secrets!

I have heard about this cake many times over the years, especially since my mom got a Cuisinart mixer and has been baking more.

“It has alcohol and nuts — and it was the best cake I’ve ever had!”

Well, this year, my mom mentioned the cake again.

“Didn’t you graduate high school with Sue’s nephew, Matt?” she asked.

I did. I don’t remember us being friends, but I remember Matt being a nice guy. So, I found his contact info — and after major pause (for being a stalker weirdo) — I messaged him, asking about the cake.

He thought it was a “fun request” and was excited to do some sleuthing. Unfortunately Sue passed away a few years ago, but after talking with his mother, and his Uncle John (Sue’s husband), Matt solved the mystery.

The most delicious cake my mom has ever had?

A 1970s-era Redbook recipe, filled with bourbon, candied cherries and pecans.

Here is Sue’s Boozy Bourbon Pecan Cake.

Me, Matt from high school, and my mom will all be baking it this year, and I thought you might want to as well.

One more thing … If there’s someone you feel weird about reaching out to this holiday season — maybe give it a shot anyway. The results could be sweeter than you think.

Here’s to candied-cherry cake and Christmassy-connections,

Not just any ice cream truck.

My husband was yelling, “Go, go!” as he grabbed the baby. The big boys flew out the door, one wearing a single slipper and the other in his Batman robe, grasping a $20.

What on earth is happening right now?

Okay. So, I know about ice cream trucks. They play music and drive around — and if you want ice cream, you can flag them down. What I didn’t know about was Mister Softee.

Normal ice cream trucks give you a pre-packaged ice cream, like a Choco Taco or Chipwich. I’m cool with that. But I had absolutely no idea — at 41 years old — that it was possible to be handed a soft serve cone with sprinkles at the edge of my driveway.

Licking my cone feverishly before it melted, in my polka-dot pajamas as the sun set, I was gleeful and it was pure magic. Like the time I smelled Drakkar in the mall, I was a kid again.

The point?

Mostly, I hope you get to eat soft serve in your driveway.

And when it comes to our businesses, here’s to delivering more moments of unexpected delight! Call me sugared-up, but I believe that words can be our ice cream trucks.

Want to delight your readers? Let’s serve them up a personality-rich word twist that’s uniquely you.

Always in style.

Unlike the Herman Munster shoes I adored during college (remember these?!), some things always work.

Like my friend’s beautiful 1900s farmhouse with its wide plank floors, huge windows, thick wood moldings and bucolic view.It’s comforting that in a world of fast fashion and disposable products, some things truly don’t go out of style. At least not in my book.

The point?
Even though your website is a newer-build — its copy can shine with fixtures that are timeless.
-Engaging language
-Keeping it real

The best news? Clicking endlessly on Wayfair and Houzz is not necessary — and you won’t even have to go to Lowe’s. You’ve already got everything you need!

The point?

I can help dust-off and discover the barn full of goodies that have been hiding in plain sight the whole time.