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At the gym, love is not blind.

love at the gym

I go to the gym at midday. It’s filled with college kids and 20-somethings. Some are taking videos of their workouts for TikTok, but most are just doing their thing.

From the upper deck on the treadmill, I love seeing young love blossom. Inevitably a friendly singleton will approach another with a wistful wave or coy comment. I can tell when they like each other. And when they’re chatting, you can almost always see momentary glimmers of authenticity — even in the performative TikTok stars.

It’s THOSE moments that foster true connections.

The point?

Put yourself out there. Be authentically you.
At the gym. In your business. In the supermarket. Everywhere.

When it comes to your website’s words, I’ll help you turn the momentary glimmers into the whole damn thing.

P.S. If you watch any dating shows, you know that the duration of the relationship is often based on being authentic up front. If you pretend to be someone you’re not at the beginning, it always comes out, and ends in discord. Speaking of which, have you seen the Love Is Blind finale yet? I’ll be watching today at lunch.