Could it really be this simple?

I love how clients are so happy after working with me. I’m honored that they say these incredibly nice, huge, career-affirming things.

But truthfully, I’m not a mastermind. I think I just ask this same question, again and again, in a bunch of different ways.

What do your ideal clients really need?

Yes, I think it might actually be that simple.

The point?

There’s an intersection between what your clients really need, and what you really provide, that is kind of magical.

Yet, finding it can be tricky.

Why—you ask?

Mostly because you can’t see how awesome you actually are.

Yup. I said it. You can’t see how awesome you actually are!

That’s where I come in. Let me remove your blinders, and help you see yourself the way your clients do—at least long enough to write your web copy.

The view might surprise you,

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