Did we all move to Pumpkinville?

In Trader Joe’s last week, I was wildly entertained by the cornucopia of pumpkin productsPumpkin mochi? Pumpkin croutons? Ever since Trader Joe’s gave me flowers for my birthday last year, I will be forever loyal. (The cashier discovered it was my birthday, ran away, came back with a bouquet and said, “Happy birthday from Trader Joe’s!”) I was astounded. For so many reasons, I adore TJ’s…
  • Almond milk costs $2.99. The end. TJ’s prices are their prices—no sales, coupons, membership numbers, hoop-jumping. Thank you.
  • Washed, bagged, organic lettuce. They get my life and make it easier.
  • These pumpkins have a point. They pay attention. Evidently pumpkin items did well last year; I heard an employee say they’ve doubled the offerings.
  • Removed fear of coffee-grinding. They taught me how to use a coffee grinder (of which I was previously terrified).
  • This pumpkin walks into a bar! I could read their packaging all day.
  • Genuine friendliness. I’ve never met an un-lovely TJ’s employee.
  • Personality galore. Their products, website and branding have personality! (Their team-members wear Hawaiian shirts for goodness’ sake.)

The point?
Even though Trader Joe’s is a big company, these love-inducing concepts are universal. I bet your brand is already making life easy, paying attention, having personality, teaching and pricing straightforwardly. Next stop on the Pumpkinville Express? Letting your people know.

Happy October,

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