Do you like nutmeg in your coffee, too?

This morning, as I’m drinking my nutmeg-spiced coffee (it makes every day taste like Christmas!) I’m thinking about connections. I think all of life’s goodness comes from connections. That’s why I named my business Connect with Copy—because connecting is everything.

When you read these notes, partner with me on projects, or reach out to say hello, it’s you who keeps my business moving forward—and you who keeps me smiling. You make my day more often than you know. With nutmeg-spiced gratitude,

One thought on “Do you like nutmeg in your coffee, too?

  1. I really like “connecting” too. I’d say it’s one of my deepest needs — to connect with others. That’s why I really like the name of your business “Connect with Copy.” It’s getting more and more difficult to cut through the chatter these days, so authentically connecting with your audience is imperative.

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