Gearing up for doggie swim lessons.

Cannoli is not a guard dog (despite the three barks she once gave the meter reader).

Last summer, Cannoli got spooked by a contractor and fell in the pool. Then she started swimming. But I realized that until Cannoli knew where the pool steps were, she couldn’t get out. Yikes.

So of course, I made it my mission to (lovingly!) throw her into the water in different parts of the pool and guide her to the steps. Back on dry land, she would give me side eye for interrupting her sunbathing, shake joyously, and rub herself in the dirt (one of her greatest pleasures). This summer, we’ll be having more lessons on pool egress. (Get ready, Cannoli. Summer’s coming!)

The point?

If you’re writing your web copy and can’t find the stairs, swim this way.Or, if you need me to throw you in the pool (with love!), I’m pretty much an expert

P.S. Here’s Cannoli trying to look innocent after her favorite, dirty pastime.

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