Gee, this is uncomfortable…

This is so uncomfortable.

I recently moved. For the past two months, I’ve been without a couch. To my visitors, I had to say:
“Welcome. Please attempt to make yourself comfortable on this very hard chair.”
See, I ordered a couch from a furniture store. At the time, 8 weeks until delivery didn’t seem like a big deal. I never sit on the couch anyway, I decided.
Boy, was I mistaken. A couch is a big-cushiony deal! The option to sit comfortably makes an entire living space more welcoming. People want to stay. They feel at home. Conversations happen.

The point?
A website is like a house. If you don’t have a space where visitors can feel comfortable, what’s the point of inviting them in?

Nobody likes to stay for a while when their back hurts. People won’t want to get cozy. They will stand for a minute, uneasy, and then leave.

If there is a big empty space where the “comfortable” is supposed to be, I’ll be your couch-delivery-woman.

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