Have 10 minutes? Let’s gobble stress.

I’m thankful for you.

And for this cheer-inducing trick.

Whew, it’s getting holiday-style nutty out there. On my walk to Trader Joe’s, I nearly got run down in a crosswalk and witnessed two bouts of road rage. Then, as I picked up a Tofurky, a woman hit me with her cart and sped on by. Ouch.

Now I know you’re not the road-rage type—but if you’re like me, everyone else’s stress rubs off on you. Let’s proclaim our commitment to staying calm and cool this holiday season with a proven stress reducer: taking action! Let’s do it together?

The 10-minute stress gobbler.

  1. Pick that thing on your list that could take minutes but will probably take you all day. (Picking gifts or holiday cards online, cleaning up, and sending newsletters fall into this category for me!)
  2. Set your phone (or online timer) for 10 minutes.
  3. Get it done before the timer buzzes!
Afterwards, tell me what you accomplished.
Ready, set, go!

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