Honey, coffee and cheese: tasty or nasty?

Oh, Jamie…

Via TV, Jamie Oliver told me that cheese, honey and coffee grinds are a perfect combination. For his tapas feast, he says:

Lay the slices of cured meat on a board alongside the large wedge of Manchego. Drizzle a little honey over the cheese, then sprinkle over a pinch of ground coffee.

To each his own, Jamie, I thought—until I tried it.

Yum. Apparently, honey, coffee and cheese is a great combination. Surprising, right?

The point?
Creating the right flavor for your audience—sometimes means being a little daring, inventive, or exotic. And words are one of the best ingredients for delivering the unconventionally awesome.

Cutting Edge is an edgy decking design company (starring in the new HGTV show, Decked Out) who wanted to take their content up a notch to really reflect their style. To add pizazz, heat, and personality, my sunny and fabulous design partners, Tekture, got me involved.

The client, Cutting Edge, provided me with the Manchego and coffee—and I helped them by adding the honey.

Need to add some sticky sweet goodness to enhance your website’s flavor?

Call me. I’ll be your Jamie Oliver for words.

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