I have no idea. Literally.

Plastic bottles of body care and beauty products
I have this document where I keep my ideas (the collection of things I want to tell you about). In the shuffle of moving, I lost it. Panic set in—hard. I’ll never have an idea again! Clearly I found comfort in the backlog of random ideas. Even ridiculous things like “potato vs. potato chip” or “total yearly mileage of a mailman” meant I’d never be idea-less.

Evidently chickpeas, body wash and vitamins aren’t the only things I hoard. (Thankfully I didn’t lose them too. Only one safety net at a time!)

The point?
Well, I should probably be more careful with my idea vault? Bigger picture: Sometimes, the-way-we-do-things gets thrown off-kilter. But our processes don’t define us! We gotta have faith. As sure as the mailman gets more exercise than I do—we will prevail!

Want an idea vault for yourself? Here’s how:

  1. Stockpile ideas for upcoming newsletters and blog posts: include random thoughts, silly sentences, inspiring words, puzzling topics and questions clients ask you.
  2. Keep it someplace safer than I did.
With enough body wash for everyone,

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