I smile. You smile. We all smile.

“If you can make just one person smile today, if only by giving them one of yours, it just might change their entire week, which just might change their entire life.” 

I love Notes from the Universe, but this one takes the cake.

Hell yes!

If I had to designate just one personal philosophy, this would be it. (It’s why I talk to people in elevators and high-five strangers.)

The point?

Life-affirming conversations, new friendships, oneness, unexpected laughter, fulfilling work—so much of it starts with a smile.

And in case you haven’t had coffee yet and this uber-cheery message makes you gag and want to unsubscribe, here’s the whole truth: Sometimes I don’t feel like smiling. Sometimes I feel pissy for no apparent reason! But the act of smiling actually makes me feel like smiling.

So, when in doubt, I smile.

Does your website help you smile at people? If not, let’s talk.

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