In 2013, let’s just be us…

Are you wearing someone else’s shoes?

Every time I buy a pair of sparkly 3-inch heels instead of shoes that fit my everyday life, I’m doing myself a disservice. And I’m leaving myself barefoot.

I have heels galore, running sneakers, and beat-up Uggs that shouldn’t leave the house—but I have nothing to wear on my feet during 90% of my daily activities.

Last night I made a decision. I stood in T.J. Maxx, armed with a Christmas gift certificate—a lovely high-heeled black boot on my left foot—and a casual, everyday ankle boot on my right. I asked myself: Deidre, which of these shoes fits with who you really are? Alas, I decided to move forward on the right foot.What if we really matched our actions to our authentic selves?

  •  Reach out to the dream client (instead of waiting until…)
  • Buy the jeans now (instead of waiting to lose 10 lbs)
  • Grocery shop at midnight because you hate the weekend rush
  • Pay someone to do your taxes (even though it costs more!)
  • Eat breakfast for dinner

Let’s be ourselves. Accept our strengths. Show them off, for goodness’ sake!

Let’s accept our weaknesses, too. Improve where we can, only and always with self-respect. And instead of aiming for an idealistic version, let’s simply be authentic. That’s a real recipe for growth, I think.

Who’s with me? If you don’t have a website, or your current one just doesn’t fit—I’ll help you tap into what’s authentic and put your best foot forward.


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