Is it a bird … is it a plane?

Dreamy image of a Hummingbird feeding on Zinnia flower
Something that sounded like a gigantic bee (or a relatively small airplane) swooped towards me. Automatically, I started waving my hands to thwart attack. As I looked up, I discovered a teeny-tiny hummingbird checking out the feeder I had just hung five seconds ago. Boy, that was quick. I watched in awe as right next to me, the cutest little red-headed hummingbird daintily sipped a bit of nectar and darted off. With only a fleeting moment of guilt (I could be doing something so much more productive right now!), I just sat, for 30 entire minutes, and allowed myself to watch hummingbirds come and go. I just sat and watched the hummingbirds.

Guess what happened after that? My wings started flapping faster too. I came inside and zipped through my work, almost effortlessly. Perhaps watching the hummingbirds was my nectar?

Want my creative wings to fly for your business? Let’s chirp.

Making time for the birds,

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