Love it, like it, or chuck it out?

Is old stuff weighing you down?

The skirts from my Jersey Shore summers? Too short. The amazing strappy heels? Too darn uncomfortable. Five years ago I loved them, but not anymore. Nobody my age should be showing that much leg, and these days, I just can’t torture my feet like that.
During my recent move, I realized it was time to saygoodbye to the old. I donated 12 bags of clothes and shoes.
The point?
In wardrobes, and in website content—time changes things. If what worked five years ago—isn’t working today—it’s time to refresh! Fortunately, I have just the game to help you.
The game
To refresh your overflowing closet, or your outdated website, play my favourite game: Love it, Like it, Chuck it Out. 
  1. There are three categories: Love it, Like it, Chuck It Out.
  2. Sort through your clothes (or web content), and put into corresponding piles (or word documents).
  3. Easy, right? Now, everything left in the “Like it” pile/doc needs to be reassessed and redistributed into Love It or Chuck it Out. (And most of the time, if you really lovesomething, you probably don’t banish it to “Like it” land in the first place.)
It can be hard to get rid of things—but it’s the only way to start fresh, either with a wardrobe, or with a website that reflects today’s YOU.
Ready to clean out your website’s closet? I’m here to help.

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