It’s nothing like House Hunters on TV…

Foyer with wood paneling

I had this adorable little idea in my head:

Finding a house would be like it is on HGTV’s House Hunters. We’d find three suitable homes and agree on the perfect one over a glass of wine—all while my hair looked perfect. Plus, I’d be far less annoying than the usual house hunters. I don’t care about granite countertops, I’m not scared of a little wood paneling, and I’d never utter the term (that makes my fists rise in fury), “price point.”After seeing the world’s most claustrophobia-inducing box (house #12), only Cadbury Creme Eggs could keep hope alive. Realtor, hubby and I ate them while I muttered, “At least there’s chocolate…”

The point?
Words are easier to find than houses. Each house has its gems, for sure, but I can’t exactly smoosh them all together into the perfect abode. It’s not like writing web copy—where we tour the inner hallways of your brand empire and I build a house that authentically represents you. Need a web-word chateau—complete with stunning views (into you)? I’ll be your extremely patient and thorough guide.

Wood paneling: Bring it on,

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