It’s simple, isn’t it?

Puppies: Way cuter than football players.

When it comes to the Broncos vs. the Seahawks, I don’t have a preference as to who wins. (The Puppy Bowl is more my style anyway.) But when it comes to a Cluttered Year vs. a Calm Year—I’m partial.

Clutter happens. It builds up. And it confuses me. So every January, I like to simplify my business. For me, it comes down to this question:

What do I (specifically) want to do? My answer:

I want to help my clients (smart, passionate graphic designers) and their clients (service providers) find their brand personalities—then write compelling, personality-rich website content, blog posts and newsletters for them.

Once my goal is established—I can keep myself on track throughout the year by asking: Is this action supporting my goal?

The point?

Everything else is just noise.

Go puppies!

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