Just yell “Alan”

On the way to dinner, I stopped at the wine store. The man behind the register said, “Can I help you find something?” I asked for a particular Chianti—my parents’ favorite.

“Head to the third aisle. It’s halfway down on the left.”

Then he added, “If you don’t see it, just yell ‘Alan.’”

This last statement made me giddy.

I’m a person who, in new situations, rarely knows what the heck to do next. I’m the girl asking, “How does this work?” pretty much everywhere I go (frozen yogurt stores, train stations, car washes). Heck, I need an instruction manual to open a gate—and if the nice employee at Trader Joe’s didn’t teach me how to grind coffee, I still wouldn’t know. So when people provide me a next step, it just lets me EXHALE.

The point?

Next steps are so important.

Let your website visitors know what to do. Guide them. Help them exhale.

Gates aren’t my specialty, but inviting web copy—that I can handle expertly,

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