Let’s talk about our feelings

On TV, girls are always asking guys to talk about their feelings. Although some may be hesitant to admit it, men have feelings too. We all do. “Feelings” are treacherous territory—but I’m a rebel—and today, I’m jumping the fence into the danger zone.

Nervous about where this is going? Is your stomach tightening? Don’t worry, it’s just a feeling.

Is every decision you make based on rational, pure, sensible information? Is everything black and white? I bet not. Feelings are the shades of gray. And if you’re a person, you’ve got them. Not only do you have them, but they shade your decisions too. Annoyed that I’m pointing this out? That’s a feeling! See?

In truth, for many consumers, feelings drive “the choice” to do business. I think feelings of comfort and trust are two of the biggest motivators.

The point?

Showing you are knowledgeable, accessible, trustworthy, real, qualified, helpful and kind, and that you’re willing to share information … all of these things create feelings of comfort and trust.

In my last message, (Would you trust this man?) I talked about how trust needs to be earned. Demonstrative (instead of demanding) words are a great way to set the foundation for trust … and the feeling of “trust” will urge them to come inside, learn more, and ultimately work with you.

If you’re a designer, you know how the look and feel of a design come together to communicate with the viewer. Warm, welcoming design—combined with the right words—can lead to the ideal fuzzy feeling frenzy. (See how we used words to relay a feeling on Ana Carini Design’s website.)

If your clients need the rights words to match the feel of the design, I offer a free consultation.

Until next time, I hope you’re feelin’ good.

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