Meeting a friend at the park seems simple, right?

Not for me. I’m outside the gate, trying to get in. Lifting some gadget and moving some thingamabob to no avail. 5-year-olds are eating sand inside … I bet they can open the gate. But here I am, a non-sand-eating adult, trapped outside.

How the heck do I get into this park? 
As I stand, puzzled, a mom with a double-stroller rolls by, pushes open the neighboring gate, and gives me a look that says, “Really?” Evidently, my gate is locked.
Face red with embarrassment, I want to run away. An “open here” sign would have made this day much better.
The point?
Like this darn gate, a lot of websites are missing the “how” concept. People are sometimes nervous to pick up the phone if they don’t know “how” it all works. Do you offer a free consultation? Can they stop by without an appointment? What is your working process like? What about money?
Any insight you can give your prospects into what it’s like to work with you—is like opening the doors on your website. A simple “How I Work” paragraph will answer their questions and give them a feel for your mutual compatibility.
If you need help writing your “open here” sign—I’m your girl.
If, however, you need help figuring out a gate, I’d recommend finding someone more mechanically-savvy.

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