My embarrassing (yet sincere) musical pursuits

Ever since I fell off the stage (into a stranger’s lap) during my high school production of The Music Man, I haven’t pursued my musical inclinations.

But this past September when I got married, I decided the only way I could express my true sentiments — was through song.

Yes… I was that bride (you may have seen such lunacy on TV) who sang her own wedding song. Well, actually, I recorded it with the help of my musician brother. And I stealthily gave it to the DJ, to ensure the surprise, at the very last minute.

Cheesy, ridiculous, possibly horrendous? Yes. But nobody could accuse it of being insincere.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, so it was either really bad, or else it was pretty good.

The point? Take advantage of the big moments! Make an impact. Unveil yourself!

Am I suggesting you sing to your customers?  Probably not. But it’s important to let the truth of you, and your business, shine through.

I’m still convinced that people want to work with real, personable humans. It’s not about perfection, or pretending to be something you’re not. It’s about being real!

Here are a few examples of how I helped small business owners show their realness with their website copy:

  1. Child & family therapist, Annette Kielkopf, (in partnership with the amazing Strategic Design Studio).
  2. Fashion & beauty branding agency, Ana Carini Design.

Give your business a voice that connects.

Need help finding your voice? Get in touch. (Don’t worry, I promise I won’t sing.)

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