Can I pick through your garage?

Have you seen the show, American Pickers? Mike and Frank sift through garages, barns and junkyards to find hidden treasures. This stuff is usually dusty, ignored, beat up. Often, it surprises the owners that these items even exist!

By having a good eye for what’s valuable—Mike and Frank bring these hidden treasures into the daylight—and set them on display for those who really appreciate them. In one of my favorite episodes, the pickers uncovered two circus banners worth 10,000 dollars. For years, they had been laying in a dusty, flood-damaged room.

The point?

These hidden goldmines are valuable to collectors, just like our talents are valuable to our ideal clients. My job is to find hidden circus banners and put them on display—with words.

As designers, you know that sometimes clients have a hard time writing their own copy—because they can’t see the circus banners for what they’re worth. If you have a client who needs help uncovering their hidden gems, I can help.

Need a good picking to reveal what’s golden? Unlock your garage and let me in. 

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