New York, here I come…

Goodbye Emerald Isle. Hello (again) Big Apple.

This week I moved back to New York (after 4.5 years in Ireland). In lieu of this month’s writing tip, I’m going to share what Ireland has taught me:
  • Seize the moment. If the conditions are right, don’t wait. Do it. Five minutes from now, it could be hailing.
  • Optimism and happiness are choices that aren’t dependent on your circumstances, or even the weather.
  • There is always time to say hello to someone and have a chat.
  • Tea really does fix just about everything. It’s nearly a joke in Ireland. If someone is happy, sad, just got good news, or bad—a cup of tea is the first thing that happens. Appreciate your happiness, acknowledge your sadness, and when the cup is empty, move on. Life really is like a cup of tea.
  • More than 2 pints of Guinness is a bad idea. Always. Plain and simple.
As I’m back in New York starting my new adventure, I wish you an action-packed adventure too. And if your adventure includes a new website, I’d love to help.

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