Officer, I’m not playing it safe

Have you gotten pulled over lately?

The siren blared — and the blues and reds approached quickly.

I squealed to a halt on the side of the road. I hadn’t realized this Hyundai go-cart was capable of reaching speeds above 35 mph.

A police officer approached and said, “I was waiting for you all day.”

I paused for a moment. Why play it safe?
I said, “Well, officer — I got here as fast as I could.”

The officer laughed, said, “Good one,” and let me go without a ticket. Phew.

The point? In life, and in business, it can be comfortable to play it safe. And playing it safe isn’t always the best route to getting what we want (whether it’s avoiding a ticket, or getting potential customers to notice us). If we play it too safe, we get bland. We get generic. And we lose any real personality – which can be the root of real connection. Your content is your unique opportunity to connect with your audience. Here’s how:

  • Let your personality shine through.
  • Be true to yourself… your business… and your mission.
  • Let your audience know you’re human.
  • Let them know you realize they’re human too!

What is your unique voice? Your tone? Your interpretation? How can that relate to your audience?  Show them! Go for it. Remember, people like to work with real people.  People like businesses with a human-side.

Are you playing it safe? Or are you letting your personality show? If you need help bringing that personality out – give me a shout.

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