Seriously, the chipmunk beat me…

Forget about doing better. Just do.

I stumbled outside for my first jog in ages. Huffing and puffing, I ran along at a snail’s pace—feeling like I was going to collapse. I looked left and a chipmunk was beating me. His chipmunk eyes said, “Come on lady, you can go faster than that.”Around the corner, a grey-haired gentleman was out for a walk, zipping along with a cane. I breathlessly said, “Good morning,” and he cheerfully replied, “Whew! Wish I could run as fast as you.”It was like the sweetest smack in the face. So real, so humbling. I realized—we’re all doing just fine. We’re all doing great, even! So if your chipmunk voice says:

  • I’m not doing enough.
  • I could be doing better!
  • Am I doing my best?

Maybe we should change the question to: Am I doing?

I think if we’re doing what we can, at that moment, it’s something to celebrate. Don’t you?

Oh yeah, maybe this tip should have something to do with writing. If you need help doing your blog, newsletter or website—I’m way better at those than jogging.

I still love chipmunks,

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