Let’s add some word-sizzle

Is your audience made of robots? If not, let’s add some flesh and blood.

You have personality. So does your business. Should we squish it, or share it? Too many businesses try to squish their personality to be more professional. Their content becomes dry, boring, and lacking luster. My theory: Words can have personality too! And it’s okay to be fun, edgy, authentic and personable. After all, you’re trying to connect with real people—not robots, right?

I can help you add some sizzle by creating:

  • Welcoming website copy. A website is only as good as the message it gets across and the way it engages your readers. I can help you craft a unique message that really delivers—in words that feel true to your business.
  • Refreshed web copy. Need a pro-polish? You might have a great start, but need a little extra spice. I’ll help you take your current copy up a notch so it’s really brimming with personality.
  • Content strategy that engages your reader. The word journey can drive a website. I’ll get involved in the beginning to help you plan your website based on your message, goals and audience. We’ll define your goals, clarify your message, and effortlessly guide your reader through your site.
  • E-Newsletters (with catchy headlines) that get opened. A great way to keep in touch with your clients and prospects, e-newsletters should be quick and interesting to be effective. I can turn your ideas into engaging newsletters that will be opened, read, and enjoyed by your readers every time.
  • Marketing that goes beyond black and white. For blog posts, social networking profiles, brochures, posters, and flyers that say “Pow,” I can help infuse your marketing efforts with vivid color.
  • Idea-coaxing. Some clients simply need my help to pull the ideas out. By having an idea-coaxing session, we can figure out topics for blog posts, newsletters, or your website content. When you know you can write, but you’re not sure what to write about, I can help you find your authentic message.

Don’t squish your sizzle. Let it shine. I can help. Schedule a free consult today.