Stinky copy? 9 ways to tell your client.

Designers: Don’t you hate it when you’ve created a sharp design for a client – and they insist on using sloppy copy?

The designers I work with often ask, “How can I encourage clients to get professional copy written?”

Although the blatant, “Please don’t ruin my great design with messy copy” could work, here are some more polite things to say:

  1. Design will capture their eye and bring them in, but good content engages them and makes them get in touch!
  2. A good copywriter can climb into your prospects’ heads, and speak to them in a language that resonates.
  3. You are too humble. Someone on the “outside” can often see the big picture and “brag” more easily about your business.
  4. Keywords are really important. Some copywriters can research them, incorporate them seamlessly, and even write meta tags.
  5. A good copywriter can build trust.
  6. Your competitors are using copywriters.
  7. Great copy doesn’t have to cost a million dollars.
  8. You’re so busy. Hire someone so you don’t have to worry about it.
  9. I know a writer who can give you a great price. Why not explore your options?

If your clients want to explore their options when it comes to getting professional copy written, I offer a free 30-minute chat.

Here are a few examples of how I helped small businesses create copy that did the design justice:

  1. Child & family therapist, Annette Kielkopf, (in partnership with the amazing Strategic Design Studio).
  2. Decking Designer with HGTV Canada show: Cutting Edge Design.
  3. Web copy for packaging designer, Shelf Identity.

If your clients need to take their copy from sloppy to sleek, give me a shout.


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