The cutest sneeze I ever heard

Have you ever sneezed on your prospects?

I was buying some shampoo at the pharmacy, and the guy behind the counter sneezed. Achoo. It was the cutest sneeze I have ever heard.

I’d never seen him before, but I felt immediately endeared to him. Most people are boring sneezers, but not him. His sneeze rocked my world.

The point? His sneeze was different — and different can be fantastic. Different is endearing. Every person, every business, has something that will stand out in the crowd. What’s yours? Find out, and tell your audience.

Don’t muffle your sneeze. Sneeze proudly. Sneeze loudly. Sneeze all over your target audience. (Ok, that’s gross, but you get the point.)

If you need help, I can tickle your nose with a feather. (Or turn your ideas into words.)

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