Tired of waiting for copy?

Have you ever been camping?

Have you tried to start a fire, Bear Grylls style, with some wood and kindling? Hard, right?

Yes. It’s seemingly impossible, and extremely time consuming. Plus, you’re bound to get hungry in the meantime. (After all, those S’mores aren’t going to toast themselves!)

Even if you are Bear Grylls, a lighter is still a better way to make fire.
The point?
When it comes to getting web copy from your clients, there’s a hard way—and an easy way.
The sticks & twigs hard way: Your client says, “The copy is coming.” Months later, they’re “still working on it.” Your timeline is out the window—and you’re still waiting to get started, get finished and get paid. The client is pulling their hair out, and you’re hungry, annoyed, and your marshmallow is cold.
The flamethrower easy way: Me, quizzing your client, and locating the essence of their business. By lighting their mind-fire, I’m able to corral the embers, and turn them into audience-attracting words (in less than two weeks). While Kindling-Ken is still trying for a spark, you’ve got fire blazing, and you’re singing campfire tunes.
Want to be firing up burgers—while everyone else is playing with sticks? I’ll be your fire-starter. 

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