Typing is hard with nine fingers

Have you ever lost the can opener?

Last week, I did. My tomato soup dreams were dashed and I settled for a sandwich. It will show up, I thought.

It didn’t.

Today, I hit rock bottom as I pried a can of chick peas open with a carving knife, nearly losing my left pinkie finger in the ordeal.

Hummus should be easier than this, I thought. It’s time to accept it, Deidre. You need to get a new can opener.

The point?

The right tools are imperative to getting what you want – whether it’s canned goods or clients. (You already know this if your can opener has ever gone missing.)

Is your business using old-fashioned, sloppy, inefficient tools to get the chick peas it needs to make the business hummus? If so, you need the right tools. And words are some of the best tools a business can use.

Want more beans? Let your content be your can opener.

If you need help giving prospects “easy access” to your business, let me know. In the meantime, I’ll be here typing (thankfully with all 10 of my fingers).

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