Want to climb inside my mind?

About my mind: I’m *pretty* sure there’s more than lyrics to every 90s song in there. That’s why I offer a 90-minute pick-my-brain session — so you can put my copywriting marbles to work for you.

Pick-my-brain session


Get some bossy, creative input. 

Stumped by a copy problem?
Unsure how to write about something?
Need a review of your current web copy?
Doing it yourself — but need some outside eyes? 
Need help figuring out your sitemap, or organizing your content?

If you need an outside perspective on a copy-related situation, I can help! In our 90-minute session, I’ll make recommendations, and brainstorm with you. And you can bet it will be bossy! That’s my favorite kind of advice. 

Bossy advice / brainstorming / copy review / problem-solving



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