We are leaving at 6 AM…

Every summer, I go on vacation with my parents. Inevitably, at the absurd hour of 5:55 AM, there are bagels and coffee on the kitchen table—and my dad is waiting in the (already packed) car. Does he even sleep? My dad insists on driving because the rest of us operate a vehicle like we’re “half asleep,” plus, “We don’t have all day!”

As my husband pulls our car up, I jump out and run inside. My brother is wearing pajamas and my mom is scurrying around, throwing chargers and Chapstick into a bag as my father (who has come back inside to collect his tardy family) carries the bag to the door. I succeed in buying everyone 10 more minutes.

You see, there are rules when going on Rienzo family vacation! We depart at 6 AM to beat traffic. Bladders must be entirely emptied before leaving because “Rest stops are for babies!”

At 6:10 AM, we are all in the car. My dad smiles and says, “We’re late!”

My dad is easily the most productive person I know. If he were writing this newsletter, it would have been done two weeks ago (at 6 AM, of course). To add a (clearly) scholarly element, I interviewed him:

  • Me: “Dad, what’s the key to getting stuff done?”
  • Dad: “Why are you always asking me crazy questions?”
  • Me: “Come on, Dad, I’m serious.”
  • Dad: “You just do it.”
  • Me: “What if you don’t feel like it?”
  • Dad: “You gotta suck it up and do it!”

So if, like me, you are struggling to make the transition from summer, let’s suck it up and do it. And if you need help getting to your writing destination, I promise to get you there at a reasonable hour, with no dilly-dallying.

Don’t worry—I write better than I drive,

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