Melinda’s giant bike.

I met Melinda years ago. She was riding a bike that was way too big for her petite frame, yelling, “Watch out! I’m going to hit you and I don’t want to!” I immediately knew I had to be this woman’s friend.

Why? Riding her giant bike, ringing her bike bell, and yelling at pedestrians to keep from mowing them over, Melinda was glowingly authentic. And for me, it was irresistible.

The point?

We aren’t for everybody. Our services aren’t for everybody — and that’s ideal! Who wants to work with “everybody” anyway?

We are for who we’re for. So the clearer we can be about who that is — and who we are — the better. It takes the guesswork out.

My take? When you’re authentic, you’re everything!

Want website copy or newsletters that transport you? I can help you build your most authentic word bike, from which you can yell at un-ideal clients to get out of your way.

Watch out!

P.S. Here’s another great thing about getting to know authentic people. They do really cool things. Turns out Melinda isn’t just yelling at strangers; her business — The Successful Learning Center — helps alternate learners have an engaging college experience.

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