What makes you special?

Let your specialness shine…

Specialness is a big deal. In fact, I think it’s almost everything. In our professions, it’s why we get chosen. Prospects pick us because of a special approach, viewpoint, talent, capability, background, or personality. When they’re perusing our websites—they are looking for special. And it’s our job to share it. (Let’s make their search easier!)

3 steps to finding your special

First—You’re special. Accept it.
Second—Pinpoint what makes you special:
  1. Listen to what clients say about you. They’re not just making it up.
  2. Listen to what clients say about the differences between you and others in your profession. They’ve worked with others in the past, and they adore you for a reason.
  3. Gain perspective into your industry. Look at what other providers are (and aren’t) doing.
Third—Put your shyness aside and announce your specialness!
Because of this process, I know that…

-I ask questions that bring the real story to the surface
-Lots of other copywriters don’t want to talk, dig or shape
-I listen carefully and infuse my client’s personality into the writing

Now, will you do me a favor?

Fill in the blank:
I’m special because __________________________.
What would a client say about you?
What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

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