What the heck is that smell?

A waft of stink overcame my nose.

What the heck is that smell? 
After a day of searching and sniffing, it seemed to be coming from the sink. I called the drain man. He came with his cameras and determined this:
When our house was built, the builders forgot to connect the sink drainage pipe in the downstairs bathroom to the main drainage. It’s a pipe that goes nowhere. The pipe ends, and the water empties into the foundation of the house. The water built up—and started to smell. Lovely, right?
The point?
Our senses are sensitive, and sometimes, “almost there” can smell bad. When it comes to your website’s words—“almost there” might not be enough. When you need that finishing touch—that final connector piece—I’m here.Whether you need words from scratch, or just a fixer-upper, I’ll be your word-plumber.
P.S. Wish writing was easier? Read this.

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