What would Frank do?

In one of the many joys of homeownership, I had to get my driveway resurfaced. Frank, the driveway company’s owner, gave me a few options at different prices. I said, “Well Frank, I don’t want the driveway to fall apart. If it were your driveway, what would you do?”

And he said, “Sweetheart, my driveway is stone. Asphalt driveways are too much damn work!”

I nearly peed myself laughing. I mean, really—the man who paves asphalt driveways for a living has a stone driveway. Is that not funny?

The point?
I believe in engaging website words.
I believe in them so much—that I use them myself.

Ready to pave the path to your business with golden words? I’m in!

Grateful word-paving doesn’t require wearing tar-covered boots,

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