Why I purchased chicken poop…

I have chicken poop on my lips, and I like it.

I stood in line at the drugstore with a Palmer’s Cocoa Butter stick (my standard lip balm) in my basket. At the register, I saw another lip balm called Chicken Poop. I was so intrigued by the name (I mean who names their lip balm after poop?) that I picked it up.

Upon reading the all-natural ingredients, I was impressed. Despite being a little grossed out, I bought it. And guess what? I like it.

The point?

The Chicken Poop stood out—and you can too.

I’m not suggesting that you connect your business to poop—but you can differentiate yourself by showing off your personality and awesomeness.

A client recently told me, “I’m not sure what makes me stand out.” Then, during our conversation, she shared things that absolutely made her shine—only she “never thought of it that way.”

What will get your audience’s attention? I can help you figure it out—and put it into words.

Ready for web copy that flies the competitive coop?
I’ll be your wings.

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