Why Me?

I’m special. See?

Sure, there are lots of web copywriters out there. Why choose me? Aside from the fact that I bake a mean banana bread, here’s why I stand out:

  • I get involved. I’m always surprised to hear that other copywriters don’t want to talk to their clients, and actually hear their voices. Getting an understanding of your business—through a conversation—is pivotal.
  • I find out what makes you special. Why is your business fresh, unique, better? What is your business personality? I find out. And I artfully tell your reader.
  • I go the extra mile to understand your goals and your audience – and to craft a message that really works for you. I will spark the interest of visitors by speaking directly to their needs. They should be involved, entertained, and ready to take action.
  • Your satisfaction is #1. I ensure that all my copy truly delivers, and that every client is dancing in the streets satisfied. It’s about more than just amazing copy for your website, newsletter, blog or marketing materials – it’s about your experience along the way. I work to make the process easy and enjoyable for you.
  • Affordability. Good copy doesn’t have to cost a million bucks to feel like it does.
  • I develop trust. A reader won’t trust you because you tell them to. You have to earn trust. The only way to gain a reader’s trust is by being careful with them, guiding them, and showing that you understand them. Down to earth, professional copy lets the reader in – and gives them the opportunity to feel comfortable. I help develop trust by writing websites that connect with real people.
  • I’m super flexible, and really passionate about my work and my clients. I love what I do.
  • My background in marketing has given me insight into what drives people. I get into their heads, and make sure your message delivers.

You’re special too. I know you are! Let me help you by turning your special into a meaningful connection with your audience. Call or email to set up a free 30-minute consultation today.