Worth $29 + tip? Hell yes.

The owner of my favorite nail salon had one dog: Dunkin’ Donut. 

During Covid, she decided to add to the family and get another dog. So she put her name on a waiting list (or two, or three). 

Then, possible pups started becoming available, and when she saw their sweet faces, she couldn’t say no. 

Now she has six — YES, SIX DOGS. And every time I get a pedicure, they are there, scurrying about, being freaking aaadorable

So today I got an amazing pedicure from the warm and masterful Suzy — and I got to snuggle Latte for 10 minutes while I was drying my toenails. I’m not trying to make you jealous, but yes, my day included a pedicure and puppies. Does it get any better?

I’m a customer for life. I will never stop going here. Even if my toes fall off, I will still go. 

The point? 

Do one thing great — you’re already ahead of most. Do another thing great? Hot damn, you’re ahead of 99.9% of service providers in the world. Your clients will cherish their experience with you and pretty much never leave. 

Oh yeah. Here’s the best part … I KNOW you already do more than one thing great. Own it. Lean into it. Be proud of yourself for the laughs you bring, the comfort you bring, or whatever your added-value is. I mean, we can’t be puppies, but we can strive. 

If you need help bringing all of your value across in your web copy, I’m here. Well, unless I’m at the nail salon.

Would daily pedicures be excessive? 😉

P.S. Yes, of course I took a picture!
Here's me and Latte.

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