Yes, I tip people with fruit.

Do you ever think, Hey, I should _________, and then not do it because you’re scared?

Me too.

But increasingly, I ignore my internal censor and do weird, embarrassing things.

  • I share my Peanut M&Ms with the gas attendant. Granted, it’s mostly because I don’t want to eat the whole bag myself, but still.
  • I tip people with random things in my purse, like bananas, apples and Kind Bars, because I never have cash. (I’m actively trying to keep cash on me, because this is ridiculous.)
  • Sometimes, when coffees are $1 at Wawa, I buy an extra one and give it to someone. The mail lady, the lawn guy, a crossing guard.
  • I run outside (like it’s Christmas morning) to meet strangers’ dogs as they walk by.
  • If I see someone and think, “Wow, that shirt is so cute” or “What a great haircut,” I go over and tell them.

Sometimes, I put my foot in my mouth. Like the time I told a guy his necklace was cool, only to find out it wasn’t a necklace. It was a tracheostomy hole. Sometimes, people think I’m nuts. But most of the time people smile and we start a conversation.

In hindsight, I realize some really great friendships have begun this way.

The point? 
When we’re weird (and potentially embarrassing), we open ourselves up to a lot more connection. Worth it! I’m not saying you should be a total weirdo on your business website, but a little authenticity goes a long way.

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