You, me and cartwheels.

Keep your dreams alive. No leotard required.

When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a dolphin trainer, hand model, or professional cartwheeler. Writer seemed like a pipe dream—way too unrealistic. Somebody would pay me to write? Impossible. If you’re doing what you love, I know you feel the same way. Lucky. Blessed. Gobsmacked. And thankful your job doesn’t require a wetsuit or leotard.

But the flippin’ truth is—doing it is a small part of the equation. To keep doing it, people must hire us. For people to hire us, they must know about us. Telling the world (or at least our ideal clients) is where we sometimes wobble.Our gifts may not be perfect. Our confidence may be shaky at times. We may have to work at it every day. But if we are passionate—we’re halfway there. I can help you get the rest of the way—telling the world. I will cartwheel in and make things easier.

My passion is hearing your passion, and distilling it into meaningful, inviting words. Doing this is a dream come true. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Not even dolphins or gold medals,

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