Stop, I’m blushing…

OK, I’m kidding. Don’t stop. I love hearing happy words from clients—because it means I’ve helped them get their message across authentically—in a way that invites their ideal audience. Victory!

Happy clients have said:

I am shocked...

I just wanted to restate how much I absolutely love this. I am shocked at how you truly were able to formulate into words what I was only starting to conceptualize in my brain.

—Dr. Maria Pentcheva

I breathed a huge sigh of relief...

I am so thrilled! As you know, I had a poor experience working with a copywriter a number of years ago, and even though I felt good about working with you, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I read your words and saw your magic!

—Rebecca Burwell, Career Clarity

You really heard me

OMG! Incredible. Deidre, I’m so excited and impressed. You really heard me. I feel a huge sense of relief. Thank you!

—Jamie D'Andrea, JLD Design

I'm so excited!

Wow! I'm amazed at how well you captured what we spoke about and 'me'. It's really great. I never would have been able to create this. I'm so excited!

—Vicky Sweet

I've never felt this confident or excited about marketing myself before...

Deidre, the smile on my face after reading this doc! I'm thrilled. You nailed it! The tone is perfect. I can't be more appreciative of your amazing talent! I've never felt this confident or excited about marketing myself before, and I couldn't have landed here without you. Working with you has been a dream.

—Tara Hoover, Tara Hoover Design

Deidre rocks!

I just had to express how excited I am to have Deidre helping me with my blog posts and newsletter. She totally gets where I’m coming from, and can translate my random thoughts into a coherent and relevant message. Deidre also captures my voice so well. My best friend, who has known me for 17 years, just read my latest few posts and had absolutely no idea they weren’t written by me. Deidre is so amazing to work with and makes the whole process of generating content effortless and even fun. Thank you!!

—Jill Anderson, Jill Lynn Design

Thoughts onto paper

I really appreciate your work! You helped me get the thoughts I had in my head onto paper to convey what Brand Mojo is all about to anyone who reads my site.

—Mark Terranova, Brand Mojo

I just love this

I just love this. Truly. Somehow you have managed to weave a golden fleece. I am so happy.

—Hope Flammer

Comfortable, fun and reassuring

You made the process so comfortable, fun and reassuring. It will feel good to have the new website out there with thoughtful, client-friendly text that describes who I am and what I can do for prospective clients. Thank you, Deidre!

—Gary Meyer, Wayne Meyer Works

Capturing the essence of my dream

Deidre, I’m so impressed. You've really done an outstanding job in capturing the essence of my dream and what I wanted the clients to know about us. You encompassed everything I'm going for. Truly, great job!

—Dr. Grace Shook, Driftwood Veterinary Hospital

Really capturing our voice

You do a great job really capturing our voice and the essence of what we are doing as a studio.

—Kevin Kernan, Partner, GDLOFT

Yourself only better...

While there are a ton of copywriters out there, none have the ability to 'get in your head' the way Deidre does. Truly, she has a gift for really connecting with the nuance and spirit of your individual brand and message and conveying it in the way you would convey it yourself only better.

—Michelle Augenstein, Corner Office Image

You made this process so easy for us

Copy is the MOST stressful thing and you make it seem effortless. Honestly, we were dreading it! How the heck would we organize everything? We couldn’t believe how well you understood our business! When we needed to set time aside to review, which we were nervous about – it just took us 15 minutes. You nailed it. We’re so appreciative. Deidre, YOU ROCK!!!

—Leena & Emin Akopian, Penguin Albums

You gave me so much clarity!

Wow, Deidre, you totally helped me see myself more clearly. You gave me so much clarity! I could have never written this without you!

—Alison Chandler

I could write infinite words of gratitude to Deidre…

From the very first sound of Deidre’s voice in our first talk, I knew I was finally safe from the chaos I was in before meeting her. Deidre is not only a top-notch professional, mostly she is a beautiful person who has a great capability to listen to and discover other people. Because of that, day by day, with surprising infinite patience and commitment, she arrived right to where I wanted to go—even more, she guided me to the stars! I could write infinite words of gratitude to Deidre…

—Leticia, Alistar, Italy

If you have an opportunity to work with Deidre, don’t you hesitate.

Working with Deidre is amazing!  The words just flow out of her as though she were a living dictionary. She somehow manages to communicate in your own style. She understands marketing and is willing to throw down.  If you have an opportunity to work with Deidre, don’t you hesitate.

—Yamilca Montanez, Saint James Studios

You have a very special talent!

Wonderful work Deidre and very enjoyable experience. You made this process a pleasure and fun. It is so exciting to see the words take shape for what I offer to clients; something I can’t do very easily, if at all! You have a very special talent!

—Cathy Reilly, Onboardia

I love to collaborate with Deidre!

She not only brings her excellent writing skills to the team, but also a high level of energy, commitment to project results and an uncanny ability to quickly grasp the nuisances of the project. She is a great listener, and asks questions that brings the real story to the surface. We’ve worked on a number of projects together and Deidre has always exceeded my expectations.

—Stephanie Helline, Strategic Design Studio

Beyond my wildest expectations

Holy hell … this is fantastic. I’m all tingly right now. Honestly, this is beyond my wildest expectations. I’m reading my own thoughts, but they sound so much better than I could have ever written them myself. I’m excited to work with this guy. =] I once saw a hang tag on a chair at a furniture store that read, ‘Try me, I rock.’ You should have that tattooed on yourself – ’cause you totally rock, Deidre!

—Brett Tomczak, TypeOrange

Suddenly a big weight was lifted off my shoulders...

Deidre simplified the process of getting my website out into the world by writing light and friendly copy. Suddenly a big weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was able to concentrate on the visuals.

—Isabelle Dervaux,

I'm loving this!

I'm loving this!  It captures the essence of what I've been trying to say. You rock!! Deidre, you rate 5 stars in my book.

—Trena Hallback, More Than Enough Apothecary

Diligent check-ins and encouragement

From our first phone conversation all the way through her diligent check-ins and encouragement, Deidre made the process of renewing my web site content easy. From my rambling conversations, she was able to distill and clarify the the who, what and why of Panarama Design. And fun to work with too!

—Lauri Baram, Panarama Design

Flawless. I love, love, love it.

Flawless. I love, love, love it. Thanks for being so good at what you do.

—Laura Wertkin, Laura Beth Studio

Working with Deidre is easy...

Working with Deidre is easy. She listens, and she gets it.

—Scott Herbert, Aesthetic Answers

I'm so pleased with your great work!

I’m so pleased with your great work! I’m impressed how well you uncovered what I was trying to say in a way I couldn’t. Thank you.

—Joshua Kaufman Pilates, NYC

The best copywriter...

Deidre is hands down the best copywriter I have ever worked with.

—Deborah Asseraf, Popcorn Productions


Thanks so much, Deidre! You were able to capture my vision and bring it to fruition! Remarkable!

—Melinda Prince, 360 Fitness

I feel inspired to fully live to 'my own' words now.

This has been really, really great! I feel inspired to fully live to 'my own' words now. This encapsulates very well where I WANT to be and am hopefully heading. Very exciting.

—Rena B. Meyer, Rena B Design

You have knocked it out of the park!

OMG, I’ve got chills. I want to hire THAT guy! At first blush, you have knocked it out of the park. Seriously Deidre, excellent work. Before we started, I was only slightly hesitant. But now, I am not sure why. I don’t even recognize the guy who had doubts.

—Greg Waddell, Waddell Creative

Above and beyond!

Deidre was fantastic to work with! She was thorough and concise. She not only did her work, but once the website was up, she went through and found broken links. Above and beyond! I will definitely recommend her in the future.

—Kathryn Barrett, KBE

Working with Deidre is delightful!

Working with Deidre is delightful! After our initial exploratory discussion, she nailed the copy on the first draft. Her copy was intelligent and pulled on our heartstrings, it was exactly what we needed. I’m looking forward to bringing her on more of my client’s projects.

—Jeanine Davis, JL Davis Design

She exceeded my expectations…

It was so exciting to get my first draft of copy from Deidre. Everything that had been in my head was wonderfully written in a way that was spot on and more. She exceeded my expectations. Deidre really cares about her work and it shows, she is very talented and a pleasure to work with.

—Andrea Brody, Andrea Brody Design

An enjoyable experience all around.

Deidre was a delight to work with. She provided exactly the writing expertise and creativity I was looking for, was extremely collaborative, and took care to be responsive to my timeline, even on quick tweaks to copy. An enjoyable experience all around, with excellent results.

—Genevieve Margherio, Red Lemon Creative
I know who we are because of Deidre

I don’t think I’ve had this much clarity in a while. We’ve had our current website for 7 years, and we’ve tried to redesign it so many times, but we never felt passionate about the copy. This is the first time I’m excited to do it! Deidre has helped me figure out who we are and what we want to relay to our audience. I know who we are because of Deidre. She conceptualizes the vision and paints that picture first before defining it in words. That’s been such an important part of the process.

—Sherice Sudds

She added personality to my stale copy…

Deidre is so very talented. She added personality to my stale corporate copy to reflect a true image of my business

—Kristin Murphy, Kristin Murphy Design

A talented copywriter!

You are truly showing me the benefits of working with a talented copywriter! I LOVE this.

—Julia Reich, Julia Reich Design
My customer received the perfect copy for their new website.

Through your assistance and copywriting services, my customer received the perfect copy for their new website. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and was impressed with your quick project turnaround. You have managed to deliver my customer’s vision in every aspect from the message, tone and target audience. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.

—Isabelle Veilleux, Ulysse Design
I’m so impressed…

YOU FLIPPING ROCK!!!!! Thanks so much! It’s better than I expected or anticipated. After going through it a couple times now, I can’t think of anything I want to change. I’m so impressed with what you have created for me.

—Amy McNeil, 4th Leaf Studio
The first time I heard a copywriter really listen to me…

Deidre is phenomenal. Working with her was the first time I heard a copywriter really listen to me—and listen beyond me. Writing is painful for me, so Deidre makes my life so much easier. She asks the right questions, pulls the information out, and what she writes always blows me away. She perfectly crystallizes my thoughts into cool, edgy, engaging writing that’s full of my personality! I usually think, ‘Holy crap, Did I really say that?

—Michael Clark, Shelf Identity
An absolute pleasure to work with!

Deidre was just the professional I was looking for! From the first phone call Deidre’s great sense of humor and ability to listen carefully created a great working bond and trust. Adding sound advice, Deidre delivered a unique message with punch for my website. An absolute pleasure to work with! My client screamed into the phone, ‘OMG the copy is amazing. This is the best – just what I’ve been looking for!’ Deidre, you saved the day!

—Jeanine Dunn, J.Dunn Design
Deidre, you helped me realize that I can connect who I am with my business.
—Elise Reid, Trilogy Creative
The copy is beautiful —WOW!

I am truly loving your words and I couldn’t be happier with what you’ve done. I can tell you’ve put a lot of time in it. I feel very confident with the way you’ve expressed my business style. The copy is beautiful—WOW!

—Ana Carini, Ana Carini Design
Nailed it on the first run.

Deidre, you nailed it on the first run. My clients are thrilled and I am so impressed. Now I appreciate what a copy writer does.

—Bill Heapps, Pig Pen Studios, Inc.
I can't say enough about Deidre's commitment, flexibility and talent!

I can't say enough about Deidre's commitment, flexibility and talent! She excels at collaboration, particularly with designers. When I hire Deidre, I know it will be a pleasure.

—Ellen Emmerich, Emmerich Young Studio
She always goes the extra mile…

When I work with Deidre, I know my clients’ website content is in good hands. She’s affordable, quick and responsive—and she always goes the extra mile.

—Eric Koby, fatrabbit CREATIVE
Way cool person

Deidre is a multi-talented marketing resource, and a way cool person.

—Jezra Kaye, Speak up for Success
Deidre gets it!

It’s hard to find a marketing person who understands what you’re trying to accomplish without having to hold their hand every step of the way. Deidre gets it! She listens and then executes your ideas perfectly. I’m always impressed with her ability.

—Bill DeSmet, Ballistic Designs
You went above and beyond my expectations.

You went above and beyond my expectations. You made my client extremely happy and you were a pleasure to deal with. There’s no question I will be sending more clients your way. Thanks a ton for doing an outstanding job!

—A. Karaptis, Valve Media
Just right!

THANK YOU for this exciting piece of work you did for me. You are GOOD. REALLY GOOD!!! I love it. Not too much and not too little! Just right! I love that you don’t use buzzwords and trite words and obvious words. It feels intelligent – and that is what I was hoping for.

—Mary Ann Harr
I really needed your guidance to help me…

Thanks beyond measure for help and your patience. Together I think we’ve nailed it. I really needed your guidance to help me get the right cadence and the right approach that reflects who I am and what I do. I really appreciate not only your work and collaboration, but your understanding.

—Karole Sutherland, Sutherland Consulting
I can’t recommend her enough.

Deidre absolutely blows my mind every time. Everything she sends me is so perfect and it just makes me smile, from website content to marketing materials. She listens to me and captures my vision perfectly, saying exactly what I want to say but can’t find the words to say myself.  I am SO happy I found her. She’s amazing and she really gets it! I can’t recommend her enough.

—Mzia Bekuraidze
I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to make an impact

Deidre writes web content and newsletters that are hip, engaging, and that really draw our readers in. She’s got a unique style and a clever, insider understanding of our audience. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to make an impact.

—Lisa Herrmann, Garden State Plaza
Easy to read, concise, speaks directly to my audience.

Deidre is an excellent, web-savvy writer who understands my goals and my audience. She is able to put my ideas into words–in a language that is easy to read, concise, and speaks directly to my audience.

—Nicole McCullum, Captivate Designs
She was able to manage the project beyond my expectations.

My client was very happy with the copywriting Deidre did. She was on-time, affordable, and gave the copy the zest it needed to attract clients and support the new web design. She understood my goals, didn’t require a lot of direction, and was able to manage the project beyond my expectations.

—M. Cassarino, Superlative Internet
I’m actually excited to send people to my website now.

Deidre created an awesome bio for me! It was professional, yet it conveyed my personality. I’m actually excited to send people to my website now. I love it!

—S. Taylor, Windermere Capital Group
Without you, I’d still have no website!

I’ve been working on this website copy myself for 8 months. Figuring out what to say about my business was so hard! I finally got the copy written, but I knew it wasn’t right. It needed to enroll my customers and I did not know how to do that in writing. Deidre, you did just that! Left to my own devices, that final version would never have been as good...

—Sheryl Kosovski, Artful Work
The client is really happy…

Thanks a ton for your help with the project. The client is really happy with your work (as I knew they would be).

—Tim Anderson, Brand Boost
You are a gem!

Deidre, the copy is wonderful. You are a gem!

—Yana Beylinson, Liquid Pixel Studio